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ATP Science NOWAY Bar is set to release in June 2019 with orders expected to ship on 3 June 2019. Pre-order now to ensure you receive stock with the first batch on release. 

NOWAY Bars from ATP Science are just what you're after, something nice that feels naughty. NoWay Bars feature the gut-friendly Collagen 100% HCP Protein and is free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and artificial colours and flavours. Coming soon in three delicious flavours:

🍋Lemon Curd - Just like that favourite lemon Curd tart you began to love as you got older, when your taste buds changed and you would get a lemon Tart from the bakery instead of that iced dinosaur donut you so fondly loved as a kid. It's got that soft lemon flavour with a hint of that tart to it that we think will resonate a few memories with you. 

🥥🍫Coconut Brownie - This one is a mix of a few taste bud sensations, think of it as a hybrid between the Classic Aussie and Kiwi favourite Lamington meets The richness and density of a choc fudge Brownie!

🍌Banana Caramel Pie - If you love the flavour of the humble Banoffee Pie, with the perfect pairing of flavours between banana and caramel then this is going to go down a treat! We love all things banana flavoured here, you could say we are a tad obsessed and caramel just pairs perfectly with it that we couldn't help but name a better duo if we're honest. We hope you love this one as much as we do!

Protein: 25.7g
Fats: 5.78g
Dietary Fibre: 9.54g
Sodium 17.64mg
Carbs: 3.24g
Sugar: 1.22g

*May vary slightly depending on the flavour.

Eat and enjoy.

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