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ATP Science InfraRed


ATP Science

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InfraRed is a stimulant free pre-workout. It contains high quality performance based ingredients in effective concentrations that support genuine cellular energy production that you can feel, without the need for caffeine and stimulants.
  • Improve power, stamina and endurance
  • Delay onset of fatigue and weakness
  • Enhance co-ordination, dexterity and focus.
  • Enhance vasodilation of peripheral vasculature to enhance blood flow to your muscles and brain and maximise oxygen dumping
  • Enhance intramuscular antioxidants and acidity buffers capable of reducing fatigue and protecting muscle cellular structures.
  • Ultimate alkalizer

What is InfraRed?

InfraRed is for anyone wanting to increase power and endurance. It contains full clinical serves of the best ingredients currently available. ATP designed InfraRed for improving muscle contraction efficiency and power, enhanced oxygenation and for buffering acid to mention just a few of its unique attributes. InfraRed is designed to empower your performance! At ATP we don’t use a PIXIE DUST approach to our products! We don’tuse insufficient amounts of key ingredients just so we can put them on the label. We create our formula with painstaking care to ensure that there are no incompatibilities between ingredients. Many companies throw everything into a formula with little regard for interactions between the amino acids, nutrients and herbs. The fact is, many ingredient combinations can not only cancel out the benefits, but also create unwanted side effects. In fact, ATP does exactly the opposite; we create a synergy amongst the ingredients we use to further improve InfraRed’s effects.

What exactly does InfraRed do?

InfraRed provides powerful herbs and amino acids that will give any athlete a unique advantage. Beta alanine to load acidity buffers for enhanced endurance Citrulline, L-aspartate and Beta vulgaris for potent Nitric oxide vasodilation DMG for oxygenation and endurance Schisandra chinensis an adaptogenic herb that has shown remarkable properties for decreasing respiratory acidosis (burning in the lungs) which can hamper staying power Electrolytes for efficient nerve and muscle function.


Directions for use

What is correct dilution and dosage for my sport?

One serve of InfraRed NRG supplies enough carbohydrate energy for approximately 90 minutes of sport. This is an approximation and will vary for intensity of sport and individual metabolisms and body size. It is recommended to trial different dosage strategies and dilutions to find what works best for you. Do this before training sessions of course and not on your big day.

The guidelines listed below are just a basic guide or suggestions and you may need to alter to fit your personal needs and requirements.

Gym – resistance training, cardio, and cross fit – 0.75hour to 1.5 hours

Pre-workout – Mix one 40 gram scoop of InfraRed NRG into 350ml of water 15 minutes before training. You can safely double the dose and mix 2 scoops into 600ml if you are chasing a more intense vasodilation and power increase.

Intra-workout – InfraRed NRG can also be used intra workout if the session extends past 80 minutes, for this purpose take one extra scoop in 400-450ml of water to sip on during your workout.

Ball sports – Rugby codes, AFL, NFL, baseball

Before the game or training – Mix one 40 gram scoop into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour before the game.

Combat sports – MMA, boxing, martial arts, jujitsu, Mu Tai

Mix one 40 gram scoop of InfraRed NRG into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour of the event / training session.

Swimming, cycling, running less than 90 minutes

Mix one 40 gram scoop of InfraRed NRG into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event / training session.

Swimming, cycling, running longer than 90 minutes

Mix one 40 gram scoop of InfraRed NRG into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event / training session.
After the exercise extends past 90 minutes one 40 gram scoop dissolved into 400 to 500 ml of water should be sipped on during the event / training session. Alternatively you can mix one 40 gram scoop into as little as 250 ml of water and sip and dilute with water from water stations as they become available.

Loading on non-training days

For loading up on InfraRed NRG to get the most out of the electrolytes, beta alanine, Schisandra and beetroot you should mix one 40 gram scoop into 250 – 500ml of water and drink once daily. InfraRed NRG is best taken away from other supplements containing taurine. Taurine will compete with beta alanine for absorption and utilization.

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