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Switch Nutrition Healthy Hormone Stack

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Alpha Switch

Estro Switch

Switch Nutrition Measuring Shaker

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Bring back your inner balance with the Switch Nutrition Healthy Hormone stack.

The combination of Alpha Switch and Estro Switch provide the vitamins and minerals required to maintain a healthy hormonal system for work, gym and daily life.

ALPHA SWITCH™ is designed to release your inner ALPHA through supporting the internal balance of your body. Your optimisation is the ultimate reward that comes from consuming the evidence backed ingredients found in ALPHA SWITCH™

ALPHA SWITCH™ contains a combination of Vitamins and Minerals necessary to help support your nutrient requirements and give you a boost.

The herbal blend in ALPHA SWITCH™ is sure to really get your engine started and support your workout needs.

ESTRO SWITCH combines the perfect blend of ingredients to provide you with a natural balance. 

Utilizing the synergy of plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals ESTRO SWITCH may help support normal energy function while reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

ESTRO SWITCH contains broccoli extract standardised for sulforaphane and Indole-3-Carbinol. It also contains a potent water-soluble highly bioavailable Turmeric extract known as HydroCurc®.  

The addition of Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C in ESTRO SWITCH may help contribute to normal immune and thyroid function while supporting collagen utilisation for the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails. 

ESTRO SWITCH also contains an abundance of antioxidants including Resveratrol, Schisandra Chinensis, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Milk Thistle, Quercetin and N-Acetyl Cystine. 

ESTRO SWITCH helps provide the everyday natural balance you are looking for.

For full product rundowns please see the individual product pages for Alpha Switch and Estro Switch.


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