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MRE Lite


Our whole food meal replacement powder MRE is now available in lower calories – introducing MRE Lite. MRE Lite delivers the same great taste and whole food sources as our original MRE formula, but with much less carbohydrates, ideal for the person keeping a close and watchful eye on their macronutrients. That means if youʼre dieting and on restricted calories, you too can enjoy the one-of-a-kind, whole food meal replacement powder MRE Lite.
MRE Lite contains no whey protein allowing for easy digestion. Instead, you’ll get beef, salmon, egg, and chicken protein. Plus, the healthy benefits of brown rice protein, pea protein, and MCT oil. Each serving is just 134 calories with 24g of protein and just 2g of sugar.
Key Facts:
  • No whey protein
  • Just 2g of Sugar per serving
  • Mixes easily without a blender
  • Keto friendly


Whole Food Protein Blend: Beef protein blend, salmon protein, chicken protein, egg protein, brown rice protein and pea protein.

MCT Oil: Commonly extracted from coconut oil, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is a source of fats that the body can efficiently use as a source of energy.

*Please note the nutrition label supplied is for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavour, details may vary slightly depending on the flavour.

1. Is MRE LITE vegan friendly?

Just like regular MRE, MRE LITE is not vegan friendly. MRE LITE is made from animal protein sources such as fish, beef, eggs and chicken.

2. Is MRE LITE dairy free?

NO. While MRE Lite contains no whey protein, it does contain dairy and should not be consumed if you have a dairy allergy.

3. Does MRE LITE contain whey?

No whey but mixes super easy.

4. Can MRE LITE be used as a meal replacement?

MRE LITE can be used as a quick snack in between meals.

5. Is MRE LITE foamy?

Minimal foam if any.

6. Is MRE LITE clumpy?

No MRE LITE mixes super easily and goes down smooth.

7. Is MRE LITE meant to only be mixed with water?

No just like regular MRE , LITE can be mixed with water, milk, almond milk or whatever your preference is.

8. Is MRE LITE gluten free?

Yes MRE LITE is gluten free.

9. Can you taste the salmon?

No you absolutely can NOT taste the salmon.

For added dietary protein, a bridge between meals or a protein-rich snack, mix 1 scoop of MRE Lite with 120-180ml of your favourite beverage, shake well and consume.