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RELAX is our calm body and mind formula, designed to help you unwind from both the mental and physical stresses from our everyday lives.

A perfect blend featuring Zinc, Magnesium and an infusion of botanical extracts including Ashwagandha, Passionflower, Valerian and Chamomile.

We recommend RELAX as part of your nightly routine to help you prepare for a restful sleep.

Available in two delicious flavours; Caramel Cookie and Choc Hazelnut.

Caramel Cookie RELAX has a delicious creamy base with a hit of caramel, a fresh twist on your favourite Cookies & Cream.

Choc hazelnut RELAX is a delicious blend of creamy milk chocolate with a hint of nutty hazelnut goodness.

Live Better Health Co RELAX Choc Hazelnut Nutrition Facts

Nutritional information provided is for the Choc Hazelnut flavour, details may vary slightly depending on the flavour chosen.

Mix 8.3g (approximately two teaspoons) 150-200ml of water, milk or beverage of choice.
We recommend having it hot with your favourite milk before bed.