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1510 Fat Incinerator



1510 is a high-strength, clinically dosed, scientifically advanced fat burner. Formulated using
only the purest and cleanest ingredients available on the market, 1510 eliminates the nasty
side effects experienced by traditional fat burners, nausea, headaches, and jitters. Shed fat and
achieve your goals with ease. 1510 aids to burn even more fat by revving up your metabolism
and by stimulating thermogenesis, the activation of brown adipose tissue cells.

A powerhouse fat burner, 1510 stands alone from the traditional caffeine cordial formulations
with next-level cognitive support. We have included everything you need to support mental
focus, energy, and appetite suppression, providing an all-around burner.

Thermogenic enhancers
Put simply, the most important components of a fat burner are the ingredients that burn fat.
1510’s crafted thermogenesis blend raising your body temperature, promoting increased
calories to be expended. Fat metabolisers in clinical doses utilise body fat as energy. Your
body will quickly adapt to burning body fat as opposed to storing it when given the
opportunity to do so. Taking things a step further, 1510 aids the release of stored glycogen
(carbohydrates), preventing the storage of adipose tissue.

Sustained stimulant release
Unlike most, we have created a stimulant blend to control the steady release of energy as
opposed to assaulting the user with a single ‘smack in the face’ hit of energy. The issue with
absorbing caffeine in one hit is that as quickly as your energy rises, it comes crashing back
down and plummeting further than where you started. 1510’s stimulant blend circumvents the
traditional crash, providing an all-around balanced yet powerful fat-burning support matrix.

Cognitive performance
Whether you’re new to stimulants or a seasoned veteran, their effects can decrease over a
prolonged period of use. With the addition of the most effective cognitive performance
enhancers, you’ll experience tunnel vision focus as soon as 10 minutes after consumption,
which will stay in your system long after the stimulants have worn off.

Key benefits
– Aids in appetite suppression
– Utilises carbohydrates
(glycogen) as energy
– Releases fat as energy
– Supports a healthy metabolism
– Stops fat from being restored
– Regulates carbohydrate
– Can be used by beginners, advanced users, and everyone in between.

All Inception Labs products are about clinically dosed ratios. Through thorough research and
development, Inception Labs has determined the optimal ratios of clinically dosed nutritional
supplements. Our competitors can try to copy, but they do not know the ratios.