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Zeus Juice Clean Aminos

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Initially, we saw a problem in the types of protein, amino acid requirement and the amino acids available for those choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. This is especially true in those that also train hard and are eating for sporting performance or for body shaping and physique goals.

This project has taken us over a year to complete because finding vegan essential aminos from a vegan source was extremely difficult. Many amino acids are simply not available in vegan form. We started asking what they actually are whilst also demanding the flow charts and declarations of starting material; and it is kind of really gross and horrible and not something we wanted to put our name to.

The non-vegan aminos are made from things like duck feathers, animal blood or animal skin, in some cases the starting material may be any combination of these three but you may never know which one. Most manufacturers and supplement companies don’t even consider this when they make their amino products as the product is based on average costings, not starting materials.

Hydroxyproline is used to make collagen in our bodies. Plants do not contain collagen and hydroxyproline is almost totally absent in a plant-based vegan diet. If you do not have adequate Hydroxyproline you cannot build and maintain collagen (contributes to bone health, beauty/wrinkles, connective tissue, strength etc). Included in this formula is Vegan sourced Hydroxyproline – yep we sourced it in alliance with all of our ethics.

Lastly we also added in Astragin® which is a combination of ginseng and astragalus, it aids the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. It is a modern innovation that follows some ancient traditions.

So, getting NON-GMO Vegan Essential aminos was the goal to provide a solution to the vegan problem. However, regardless of your omnivore/herbivore status, these aminos we have sourced for our Vegan Essential Aminos are the nicest, cleanest and most transparent ones on the market.

Nutritional info may vary slightly depending on the flavour chosen, the label supplied is for the Kakadu Plum flavour.

Directions for use: Mix 1 heaped scoop (approximately 6g) of VEGAN Essential Aminos in 300ml of cold water. Use once or twice daily between meals. May be used before, after or during exercise.

Yummy Tip: Mix it into your soda stream bottle before you add the bubbles or add it to sparkling water for a refreshing drink!