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Thyroid RX


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A new product coming soon from ATP Science.

Active Ingredients 

chromium picolinate 132.74 microgram 

Cinnamomum verum 50 mg

Equivalent: Cinnamomum verum (Dry) 500 mg

Eucommia ulmoides 75 mg 

Equivalent: Eucommia ulmoides (Dry) 750 mg 

Fucus vesiculosus 6.25 mg 

Equivalent: Fucus vesiculosus (Dry) 31.25 mg 

high selenium yeast 6.25 mg 

Ilex paraguariensis 75 mg

Equivalent: Ilex paraguariensis (Dry) 375 mg 

Paullinia cupana 25 mg

Equivalent: Paullinia cupana (Dry)  100 mg 


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