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NOWAY Bars from ATP Science are just what you’re after, something nice that feels naughty. NoWay Bars feature the gut-friendly Collagen 100% HCP Protein and is free of gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and artificial colours and flavours. Coming soon in three delicious flavours:

🍋Lemon Curd – Just like that favourite lemon Curd tart you began to love as you got older, when your taste buds changed and you would get a lemon Tart from the bakery instead of that iced dinosaur donut you so fondly loved as a kid. It’s got that soft lemon flavour with a hint of that tart to it that we think will resonate a few memories with you. 

🥥🍫Coconut Brownie – This one is a mix of a few taste bud sensations, think of it as a hybrid between the Classic Aussie and Kiwi favourite Lamington meets The richness and density of a choc fudge Brownie!

🍌Banana Caramel Pie – If you love the flavour of the humble Banoffee Pie, with the perfect pairing of flavours between banana and caramel then this is going to go down a treat! We love all things banana flavoured here, you could say we are a tad obsessed and caramel just pairs perfectly with it that we couldn’t help but name a better duo if we’re honest. We hope you love this one as much as we do!

Banana Caramel Pie Nutrition (per 65gram serve):

Energy: 640kj (153cal)
Protein: 27.7g
Fats: 4.18g
Dietary Fibre: 9.16g
Sodium 19.26mg
Carbs: 3.07g
Sugar: 0.52g

Coconut Brownie Nutrition (per 65gram serve):

Energy: 693kj (167cal)
Protein: 25.7g
Fats: 5.78g
Dietary Fibre: 9.54g
Sodium 17.64mg
Carbs: 3.24g
Sugar: 1.22g

Lemon Curd Nutrition (per 65gram serve):

Energy: 640kj (153cal)
Protein: 27.43g
Fats: 3.98g
Dietary Fibre: 9.35g
Sodium 19.02mg
Carbs: 2.98g
Sugar: 0.49g

Eat and enjoy.


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