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Noway Collagen Mousse



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ATP Science Desserts are here with a range of delicious nutritious high-protein snacks.

Mousse is a wonderfully light and airy dessert, we have taken it and converted it to an almost sugar-free dessert packed with collagen protein peptides and all you have to do is add your preferred milk base. Now you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Our trademarked collagen protein is BODYBALANCE Collagen Protein designed by German scientists and made in Brazil. It makes a delicious high-protein, very low sugar treat that is gentle on your guts because it contains no lactose or casein based ingredients.

Use your preferred source of milk to enjoy this treat any time of the day… or multiple times a day – it’s not piggish because it’s so low in sugar and calories!

Noway Collagen Mousse comes in easy single serve sachets so you just need to mix, set and enjoy.

Each box has 10 sachets with your choice of either Banana, Chocolate or White Chocolate.

ATP Science Noway Collagen Mousse Nutritional Information

Please note nutritional info will vary slightly depending on the flavour.

Mix 1 sachet of Noway Collagen Mousse with 125ml of cold milk of choice. Blend or mix well until completely mixed. Leave in the fridge to set and enjoy!

Note the recommended method and time of mixing and chilling will vary depending on your chosen milk.