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Estro-X | DIM-Estrogen Balance


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In the fast-paced, high-stress, modern world that we live in high levels of estrogen can develop naturally in both females and males, which in turn can be problematic to long-term health. A build-up of estrogen can come from lifestyle factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking & drinking or taking certain medications. On any weight loss or fitness journey excess Estrogen can hinder results so we have developed ESTRO-X to assist to regulate estrogen balance to be at their optimum levels.

Estro-X DIM-Estrogen Balance Formula from Athletic Sport has been designed to fit into your everyday lifestyle to assist:

  • Support liver health
  • Balance estrogen levels
  • Help maintain healthy prostate in males
  • Increase phytonutrient intake
  • Promote detoxification in the body
  • Assist in weight loss programmes