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Introducing Athletic Sport

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Athletic Sport Range Australia

Athletic Sport is a brand new Australian owned and operated brand and we’re very happy to be welcomed as a launch partner.

Athletic Sport comes from the minds of the makers of some of your other favourites like X50, so you can be confident that these are premium polished products right from the word go.

Their launch is headlined by the insane KAMIKAZE pre-workout and delicious AMINOS BCAA & EAA Energy

Kamikaze is a high stimulant energy formula, a big dose of caffeine is welcome as always but also included is English Walnut Fruit. This is one of (if not the) best stimulant on the market at the moment, providing clean consistent energy. The full Kamikaze formula comprises 11 potent and actively dosed ingredients, also providing laser-like focus nootropics and a 3 phase vasodilator complex for skin splitting pumps.

AMINOS BCAA & EAA Energy is a fully dosed BCAA & EAA complex perfect for muscle repair & recovery. Also included is acetyl l-carnitine and tyrosine for focus & alertness, as well as electrolytes & cofactors to maintain cell hydration & fluids. We’re loving this formula but very importantly we’re also loving the flavours.

Also available at launch from Athletic Sport we have some essentials available including Acetyl L-Carnitine, Creatine and L-Glutamine.

We’ve had a chance to try the core products and we must say we’re very impressed so far. Kamikaze is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but we’re impressed with the level of clean energy and focus provided (although a half-scoop might do for most days). Our pick is the Strawberry Kiwi in the Aminos BCAA & EAA Energy. The flavour is fantastic (it’s more on the strawberry side) and they’ve avoided the nasty aftertaste that some other BCAA products have, definitely an easy addition as an everyday product.

Athletic Sport won’t be standing still for long with some more additions already on the horizon. Stay tuned for new releases including Test Pilot (testosterone booster), Multi-Vit (multi-vitamin), Flush H20 (diuretic), DIM (anti-estrogen), Dige-Zyme (digestive enzyme) and Adrenal-Cort (adrenal & cortisol support).

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