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EHPlabs goes Beyond BCAAs with EAAs

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EHPlabs has promised to update most of their range in 2021 and the next product up is Beyond BCAA. Since first launching in 2014, this is the first real update to the formula with the new product EHPlabs Beyond BCAA + EAA.

As the name suggests, EHPlabs has followed the industry trend and newer research, broadening their recovery product to include EAAs or Essential Amino Acids.

EAAs cover a larger spectrum of amino acids, including six additional amino acids on top of the three found in BCAAs. Whilst BCAAs have shown some great results in the past, recent research suggests EAAs to be superior in most circumstances for supporting recovery and muscle protein synthesis.

Additionally, the effects of BCAAs are best when consumed during or just after exercise. EAAs on the other hand have shown to be more versatile and can be used anytime throughout the day, acting much more like a full protein alternative.

In addition to the EAA blend, EHPlabs have also included a focus component with L-Tyrosine and Huperzia Serrata. The most exciting change however is likely the addition of SenActiv.

Senactiv is a new compound which has shown some excellent results in clinical studies with benefits in energy nourishment and optimised cell turnover specifically in exercised muscle tissue. Senactiv shows promising signs to take human physical performance to another level.

EHPlabs have changed up the flavours in the new formula dramatically with only one flavour making the cut from Beyond BCAA. Beyond BCAA + EAA will be available in four flavours with Dragon Fruit, Peach Candy Rings and Raspberry Refresh joining the fan-favourite Kiwi Strawberry.

EHPlabs Beyond BCAA + EAA is available to order now from MuscleU with free and fast delivery, release is slated from 15 March 2021.

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