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Olympus Lyfestyle

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Introducing our new flagship Pre-workout supplement. It is undeniably the comprehensive all-in-one formula delivering a clinically dosed combination of brain boosting Nootropics, combined with potent Energy and Performance enhancing ingredients, that is topped off with multiple potent pump inducing ingredients to deliver the most incredible synergistic formula designed for Heroes, to the deliver the ultimate workout experience! 

Olympus Labs introduces this revolutionary formula which is Powered by a whopping 7 patented ingredients at full clinical dosages, including S7™, Cognizin®, Vaso6™, KannaEase™, GlycerSIZE™, Dynamine™ and Astragin®. The formula is topped off with generous amounts of well-known pump and performance enhancers Citrulline and Caffeine.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have worked tirelessly to provide you the BEST TASTING Pre-workout Drink on the planet, with game changing flavours that won’t add any unnecessary calories to your day! Available in Apple Money (Green Apple Candy), Boujee Melon (Watermelon Candy) and Miss Tease (Blue Ice Pop) flavours.

Why Should I Take Levels?


Increase Performance and Drive
  • Increased Catecholamines Release
  • Fast Acting Stimulants
  • Boosted Energy levels
  • Heightened Motivation
  • Increased Endurance
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Increased Strength
Focus/Nootropic Blend
  • Promotes Laser like focusImproves Mood
  • Boosts Brain Phosphatidylcholine Levels
  • Increased Serotonin and Dopamine Levels
  • Heightened Mind Muscle Connection
  • Improved Concentration
  • Optimized Productivity
Boost Nitric Oxide
  • Promote Endothelial-dependant Relaxation
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Levels
  • Increase Cellular Hydration
  • Increase Muscle Vasodilation
  • Improve Nutrient Delivery
  • Promotes Vascularity & Pumps
  • Greater ATP production
  • Improved Skeletal Waste Removal

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ingredients in Levels some clumping/lumping of the mixture is likely. We recommend breaking up the mixture with a hard utensil prior to use to help with dosing.

LEVELS features an innovative, flexible fully loaded powdered pre-workout formula, providing extreme energy & focus, incredible pump & endurance and unparalleled performance! Featuring the most comprehensive blend of Nootropic and stimulant ingredients, as well as fully dosed ergogenic, workout enhancing ingredients, it truly is the most multifaceted formula ever created.

Because, when a hero is training towards their goals, it is an all-out assault on the body. LEVELS is the all-in-one fuel you need to annihilate your workout, bringing you ever closer to achieving the physique of your dreams.

S7 Is a combination of seven plant-based extracts, that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230%. Increased levels of nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, which promotes the relaxation of blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow. This aids an athlete by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to exercising muscles during workouts. The potency of this extract will drive extreme pumps and vascularity, while increasing endurance and overall exercise performance.

VASO6 Is a patented, scientifically backed Nitric Oxide Booster. When you are exercising, your blood is carrying oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs. This process is crucial for performance and recovery. However, the blood vessels can become constricted, cutting off the valuable assets your muscles need. Vaso6 has been scientifically proven to relax your blood vessels which increases your blood flow, which then increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients your muscles receive!

Cognizin® Delivers a patented form of citicoline, which is a naturally occurring nutrient in the brain which boosts levels of Phosphatidylcholine, that is critical for optimal function. Cognizin has been tested in humans and has shown to increase brain activity, focus, attention and motor speed. it is also pure, vegetarian and allergen-free.

KanneEASE Kanna Ease is a standardized herbal powder extract derived from a traditional South African ‘feel-good’ herb called Sceletium Tortuosum. This herb has been used for hundreds of years as a calmatic, stress-relieving tonic which helps to improve cognition. KannaEase is standardized for active alkaloid content (0.5% total alkaloids). The most dominate in the alkaloid profile is Mesembrine, a proven potent serotonin-reuptake inhibitor.

Dynamine™ - Is a close relative to both TeaCrine and Caffeine, however Dynamine is said to pack a harder punch in a shorter period of time. It provides a very quick onset of both energy and focus. It is said that the effects of Dynamine can stretch out as far as three hours.

What Is The Best Way To Use Levels?

LEVELS has been engineered to be a highly multifaceted product, it is utilised optimally when taken 30 minutes prior to a work-out. No matter how tired, unmotivated or sluggish you are feeling, LEVELS provides the fuel to ensure that you are training at optimal intensity, ensuring you can achieve the best results from your training, Every. Single Time.

However, its not the ONLY time you can utilize Levels

Here are a few different Scenarios:

Gaming - Any serious Gamer knows how intense and competitive it can be. To really strive in your pursuit for domination you need to be at the top of your game. Given LEVELS features a comprehensive blend of Nootropic and energy boosting ingredients, it can be utilized prior to Gaming to ensure you are at the top of your game with the extreme concentration, focus and motivation it provides.

Intensive Tasks Some of us have crazy work day schedules and spend enormous amounts of time on various tasks. This is another great opportunity to consume LEVELS, as it will assist with maintaining optimal mental performance through promoting long lasting increases in focus, concentration and smooth jitter free energy. 

Coffee Replacement - Skip that calorie dense triple shot Mocha and all the calories that come along with it! Instead any hero can opt to consume a serving of delicious tasting LEVELS, which provides all the beneficial effects of coffee and then some – WITHOUT ANY OF THE CALORIES!!

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