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Muscle Pharm is a company founded by athletes for athletes and with a comprehensive range of top-quality products, each of which has been thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy, it's easy to see why they nailed this coveted sales-based award – the customers have spoken! Fuel your work-out, boost lean muscle mass, burn fat and strengthen your immune system with Muscle Pharm's high-protein whey gels. In a convenient portable pack they pack a tasty workout energy punch for the serious athlete who wants to get fit, fast and healthy quick. Want to get huge? Assault the iron with Muscle Pharm's “Assault” - a super supplement delivering focus and energy like no other with a blitz of awesome intensity. Igniting muscle growth and supercharging stamina, “Assault” is the most powerful product on the market. These, and a whole lot more state-of-the-art Muscle Pharm supplements and sports nutrition products await the discriminating active individual who demands quality and results – now!