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A big bag of goodies from ATP Science.

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ATP Science Vital Food

ATP Science has arrived with a big bag of goodies just in time for Christmas with FOUR big releases this month.

JOLT: Containing a blend of bioactive collagen peptides Tendoforte, Fortigel and Bortibone, JOLT is your go to for all-round structural support. JOLT is designed to support bones & joints, normal joint function and maintain joint cartilage production. ATP Science JOLT is available now in Pineapple or Unflavoured varieties with a Berry flavour to follow in the new year.

ATP Science JOLT Pineapple

VITAL FOOD: This has been a while coming but the much anticipated replacement for Multi Food is now in stock! Vital Food is a blend of wholefood plant powder naturally enriched with phytonutrients and co-factors from superfoods from around the world. Vital Food is 100% natural, vegan friendly and has no synthetics or GMO ingredients. If you are missing some goodness in your diet, give Vital Food a try. It’s proof that all good things come in small packages!

THYROID RX: As the name suggests Thyroid RX is designed to support healthy thyroid gland function and hormone levels. Core benefits including helping to maintain healthy blood sugar and natural energy levels, as well as some additional benefits to other areas such as hair and nail strength.

IMMUNE RX: Replacing Resilience as your go-to immunity support, the new formulation provides a wider range of benefits. Immune Rx was formulated to help maintain your immune system health and maintain healthy immune function, as well acting as a mild anti-inflammatory, relieving joint pain and stiffness.

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